Welcome to the Group Survival Guide

This survival guide is a resource for anyone working in Project Teams. It is designed to help your team define and nurture the skills and characteristics you need to develop into a highly effective group. Of course, problems and conflicts arise even in the best of teams. This survival guide will explore the nature of these problems in conflicts and provide you with effective strategies for mitigating and managing them.

There are three key topics. The first is Effective Teamwork in Student Groups. This topic discusses the strategies and behaviors of high-performing groups and describes eight secrets of highly effective project teams. It will help you get your team started on the right foot.

When talented people with different backgrounds aptitudes and ideas come together for a shared purpose conflict often arises. Managing Conflict and Project Teams explores the nature of team conflict, how individuals handle conflict, and several strategies for managing conflict.

The final key topic addresses Problematic Behavior in Project Teams. It identifies nine common problematic behavior types and strategies for dealing with these behaviors. Navigate to the menu above to access the key topics to begin.

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